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Total Contentz


Job Planning System - 90-Minute Webinar

Barb Jackson, CR

Barb Jackson, CR

Total Contentz


 Join Me
Total Contentz 
Job Planning System
Job Planning Checklist
May 28, 2013
Noon-1:30 pm PST
(West Coast Time)

Join our

90-Minute  Webinar
in which I share the
50 Point Checklist & DOZENS of customizable forms.
The same forms used to  run my Restoration CleanUps company for 16 years!  

  You will receive the entire
Total Contentz
Job Planning System! 


We will email 
you the actual unprotected Word documents
all for:  
 You will also receive $650 in Coupons!!









Ready to Get Control of Your
Pack Outs?


Are Pack Outs Too Big of a Pain?!


Has the insured requested an item from storage and no one is quite sure where it is?


Have you been accused of losing, damaging or worse yet - STEALING  an item?  Can you even prove that the item was ever in your possession?


Ready to virtually eliminate headaches on your pack outs?


The solution is quite simple with our Proven Pack Out Procedures!


Many of the pitfalls experienced on pack outs are due to not following really simple procedures - like not asking the same questions on each new claim assignment; not getting a signature when disposing of the insured's contents; packing out contents that the insured should maintain possession of; not taking initial walk-through photographs with date stamps; not identifying scheduled items, collectibles, high value contents, rush items, etc. that are on the property.  


These common tasks seem rudimentary and repetitious, but when they fall through the do our profit margins and reputation!


Your company can't afford to leave these tasks to chance. 
They need to be performed on every single walk-through of a new claim and prior to beginning a pack out.


The simplest and most mundane tasks can be the easiest to overlook,  yet cause the biggest problems!  They may not even surface until it time to get paid and close the job file.


Setting up the job properly is actually more crucial than starting the job at all!  Limit  your company's liabilities by doing it right every time!  


If you are ready to significantly reduce the pitfalls related to pack outs -  now is the time to get control!


I am offering to you the Total Contentz Job Planning System - with the 
50 Point Checklist that I have used on hundreds of pack outs and our clients have used on tens of thousands of jobs!


It is a practical, easy to implement, step-by-step 50 Point Checklist with dozens of working forms.  Forms which you can customize for YOUR company and use on YOUR pack outs.


Until now - there have been only two ways to get the Total Contentz Job Planning Forms -

1. Attend a Total Contentz Workshop OR 

2. Purchase the Total Contentz 3-in-1 Job Planning kit for $299.


But for a LIMITED TIME ONLY - you and your team are invited the join me for the

Total Contentz Job Planning System Recorded Webinar 

The webinar is recorded and you will receive a log in to view it.


Join me in this value-packed
90-Minute Webinar 
in which I share the 
50-Point Checklist and 
dozens of customizable forms. 
You will receive the entire 
Total Contentz
Job Planning System! 
 Job Planning Checklist
We will email the actual unprotected Word documents and a link to the recorded webinar to you all for:  



Here is what is included:

The Total Contentz Job Planning System with a 50-Point Checklist and dozens of customizable forms - which allows you to insert YOUR logos in each one!   


Use the Total Contentz Job Planning Systems to:

Get the Job  

Do the Job
Document the Job


1 - Get the Job The first section walks the insured and adjuster through all the reasons they want to hire you instead of anyone else. It shows a level of professionalism unmatched by your competitors and a level of competence they have never seen in a contractor before.

2 - Plan the Job A 50+ Point Checklist and 25 forms that start with the walk through, scoping out the job, job estimating techniques, pack out procedures, storage, inventory, pack back, reports for pre-job damaged items - everything you need from the first phone call to the final pack back.

3 - Document the Job Forms to use on the job to document return of goods to the insured, Disposal Authorization, supplies checklists, storage area usage and more!   


Everything you need to get raving testimonials and to become the "Go To" company for adjusters, agents and property managers.   

 $149.00 per company    

This one-hour session will solidify your

Walk-Through & Pack Out Processes
so you can gain control, increases profit margins,  

and limit liabilities on your pack outs!


This ContentzPRO webinar includes:

  • 1 hour webinar with Barb Jackson, CR (The session will be recorded - if you can not participate in the webinar) 
  • The Total Contentz Job Planning System with a 50+ Point Checklist and dozens of customizable forms.  
  • 30 Minute Complimentary Consultation with a member of the Total Contentz team to discuss how to increase your profit margins within your Contents Division    

PLUS!  $650 worth of Savings on 
Total Contentz Training and Products

  • $50 off coupon for 1 Hour of Consulting with anyone from the Total Contentz Team ($150 Reg.) 
  • $100 off coupon for any Total Contentz Workshop in 2012 ($595 Reg.)  
  • $200 off coupon for the Digital Photo Inventory (DPI) Webinar ($695 Reg.)
  • $300 off coupon for the Contents Processing and Pack Out (CPO) Webinar ($1,299 Reg.)   


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