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Total Contentz


Facility Design

 Contents Processing
Facility Design Services



  • Equipment layout for existing facility in Smart Draw
  • Electrical and plumbing drawing for contents processing equipment (To be verified by local installer per local code)
  • Layout based on photos and drawings supplied by client
  • Includes productivity layout
  • Ten (10) phone and/or email consultations


DELUXE PACKAGE - $3,000.00

  • Includes all benefits of the RETROFIT PACKAGE
  • 50-Point Client Profile Survey to determine present capabilities and future growth
  • Productivity plan  to accommodate growth
  • Provides electrical recommendations (To be verified by local installer per local code)
  • Plumbing suggestions for all facility equipment and cleaning stations
  • Start up equipment and supplies recommendations for contents processing area/division
  • Storage planning - for vaults, shelving, supplies, etc.
  • Twenty (20) phone and/or email consultations


ELITE PACKAGE - $4,500.00

  • Includes all benefits of the DELUXE PACKAGE
  • Appropriations for space requirements of other divisions
  • Provides for all electrical and plumbing sizes (To be verified by local installer per local code)
  • Facility development budget
  • Unlimited phone conversations and emails
  • Optional on-site visit ($1,000 per day plus expenses)
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