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Total Contentz


Contents Solutions Newsletter (Offered by Territory)

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In recent years many disaster restoration contractors have chosen to specialize in Contents Restoration services. Specialized marketing programs are not available to meet the needs of these specialty service providers. 

Insurance adjusters, property managers, insurers, insureds, and loss victims need to be educated and updated continuously about issues involving: drying of a wide variety wet contents, surfaces and materials; identifying quality contents restoration professional; identifying what can be restored and how - and much more.

Restoration companies have limited time, skill level and resources to devote to writing a series of newsletter to educate the end users about the highly specialized area of contents restoration. 

The Contents Solutions newsletter is researched, written and published monthly by the team at Total Contentz.  

This monthly newsletter is designed to:

  • Educate

  • Provide name and brand recognition for your company

  • Convey stability and confidence in your company and services

  • Provide ongoing educational information 

  • Keeping insurance companies abreast of the latest developments in technology.

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 You can email, direct mail it, AND deliver it in person.

Think about the hundreds and maybe THOUSANDS of prospects you would email your message to - IF ONLY you had the time and resources to produce it every month.

Imagine sending a professionally written newsletter with no competitors ads (only your address, your telephone number and your logo all over it), written by industry experts - telling your prospective clients (adjusters, agents, property managers, end users):

  • Why they want a professional like you doing the jobs instead of anyone else.
  • How you can save them massive amounts of money restoring rather replacing items like soft goods, electronics, works of art, heirlooms and collectibles (and the experts with whom you associate).
  • How to identify professional restoration cleaning, pack out and contents handling services (like yours!)


Every Month:

  • The newsletter is emailed to you monthly in 2 formats:
    • An e-version and
    • A printer-ready PDF file

EMAIL OR CALL US AND WE WILL SEND YOU TWO SAMPLE ISSUES FREE OF CHARGE's not available to everyone, it is offered by exclusive territories. So call NOW to see if your territory is available.

If it is, you will receive your first customized issue within days and BLITZ your market immediately!

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