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197 Ways to Persuade Adjusters (and Others) to Give You the Job!

$99.00 $197.00

197 Ways to Persuade Adjusters,

Agents, Home Owners, End Users

and Others to Give You the Job!

"I have clients that credit their entire success from just one or two tips like those in this book ... but this author has put together almost 200 of them! Get your hands on this, and try just five strategies ... then stand back and watch the difference it makes in your business."

-- Mark Kennedy, author of "Secrets of the Carpet Cleaning  Super-Giants"

When just one strategy works, you will make hundreds of times what you pay for this book -and you have 197 tips , techniques and strategies, right here in one place!

You only need one - but it's nice to know you have plenty more when you want them!

  • 3 ways to get the adjuster to call you instead of the other way around.
  • 5 ways to use others to influence the adjuster for  you - (people the adjuster actually cares about).
  • 7 techniques that get adjusters interested, excited and looking forward to hearing from you!Insurance companies are no longer letting adjusters accept gifts - except one!  But they value it above anything you ever gave them in the past. It forces them to think of you again and again - in fact, the odds are they will be talking about you to other adjusters! (Dozens of successful companies are using this method right now!)

"The '197 Ways to Persuade Adjusters (and others)' book tells you how to get the adjusters and others to give you the job..."

--- Ron Alford -- Disaster Masters -  Author of "Winning the Insurance Claim Game"

  • You can't get through to the adjusters? Well your competitors sure are! They do one thing that you do not (no it has nothing to do with bribery). Once you know what it is, you will be amazed at how quickly you can turn things around.
  • They don't like you, they don't believe you, they don't trust you - two quick tips to erase their skepticism change their minds ... all it takes is a couple of sentences (and no, neither of them are, "Trust me.")
  • Got a minute? That is all it takesto get an adjuster asking for more - provided you are ready with exactly whathe (she) wants to hear. One compelling sentence is all it takes.

  • Your price is lower and the other guy got the job? Of course he did! It is never about price -  

"If you think that an adjuster or end user is going to choose you just because you underbid your competitor, you are thinking $5 thoughts." That is one of my favorite quotes in the book. The longer you talk price, the lower it goes. Once you know what $5 thoughts are, you will never use them again!

-- Tim Jackson, Co-Founder, Total Contentz

It isn't rocket science!

  • Techniques so simple even your newbie tech workers can make them work (there is even a section on how to get your workers to help you make your company into a superior job-getting machine!)
  • You already know that relationships are everything with adjusters - but how do you develop a relationship when you can't even see the guy? 3 different ways for you to persuade adjusters without ever being in the same room with them! Get them to thinking of you as the "go to" company even if they are too busy to meet you.
  • How to lace your presentations with the one thing that let one salesman sell 17 times more than anybody else - you might already be doing it, but now you will "put it on steroids."
  • How to arouse the adjuster's and end user's unconscious buying drives - get them to choose you even when you are surrounded by other companies.
  • Easy to use "psychological selling tips" that give you the edge any time you want to sell, persuade or influence adjusters and end users (no they are not the lame 1950's used car selling tricks -- these are modern, cutting edge persuasion strategies).

Peter Crosa is an adjuster - probably the best known insurance adjuster in the restoration industry. Here is what he had to say: "This (book) is a great tool ... to understand and motivate human behavior.  Adjusters are human after all."

--  Author of "Soft Selling Hardened Insurance Adjusters."

  • Nobody, not even adjusters, buy because of what they need - they hire you because of what they want! They hire for emotional reasons - but they need logical reasons to defend why they hired you.  How to make sure they have both!
  • Simple tips and strategies to get the adjusters, agents, home owners, etc. to agree with you. What to say so they want you to have the job.
  • Quick methods for getting the adjuster to think of you again and again -even when you haven't even seen him (her) for months!
  • 3 ways to approach end users (even company heads) and lock up the job before the adjuster even gets involved.

John Moser, past president of the RIA (ASCR), thinks you should get the "adjuster book" too!      "All I can say is, if this information is not in your marketing library you're just not giving your efforts the greatest chance for success."

-- John Mosher (Past president of the RIA) -- President of Successful Directions LLC

Price: $ 197    Now Just $99

S & H: $12.48

Risk Free Absolute Money Back Guarantee!

15 minutes after you start reading, you will know that you have something special in your hands - but we will give you 60 days to decide if it is worth many times your purchase price! If you don't think that it is the absolute best book on persuading adjusters, home owners, end users, etc., that exists in the restoration industry today, just contact Tim or Steven at Total Contentz and they will arrange for a complete refund!

You have absolutely nothing to lose!

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