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3-in-1 Job Planning System


The incredible “kit” that makes it easy for you to –

1 . Get the Job (On-site Selling)

2 . Do the Job (Contents Processing)

3. Document the Job (25+ fill-in-the-blank documents to make things simple, safe and profitable).


Phase 1 – Get the Job

The first folder walks them through all the reasons they want to hire you instead of anyone else. It shows a level of professionalism unmatched by your competitors and a level of competence they have never seen in a contractor before.

The second folder is like a “sales presentation in a box". It introduces who we are, shows off our facility, equipment, and training credentials.

The third folder shows them successful case histories, photographs and testimonials – if they weren’t sure before, they are now, because before you went out to bid on the job, you put photos and facts from cases that are just like theirs! They have the problems and your presentation gives them nothing but solutions.

  Phase 2 – Do the Job

This kit contains more than 25 forms that start with the walk through, scoping out the job, job estimating techniques, pack out procedures, storage, inventory, pack back, reports for pre-job damaged items – everything you need from the first phone call to the final pack back.

 Phase 3 – Document the Job

Barb Jackson has included a 1-hour DVD to train you and your staff on how to quickly, easily and effectively use all the forms, folders and individual elements of the3-in-1 Kit – when, where and under what circumstances each can be used to your advantage. The DVD is actually taken from one of her live classes, just the way she presented it before an audience of restoration contractors and their Front Line personnel.

 Everything you need to get raving testimonials and to become the “Go To” company for adjusters, agents and property managers.

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