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Total Contentz



Soot Inspection Kit


ContentzMax 60x-100x Zoom  Pocket Microscope w/Light       

  It is a fully illuminated, 60x-100x scope that let’s you actually see ash deposits that (invisible to the naked eye) coat everything after a fire     

AAA batteries

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Some are ultra-fine, ultra-soft textured for cleaning high end camera lenses. Some are coarse enough to scrub automobiles.

Non-toxic – they clean better with just plain water than most cloths do with your best cleansers.

Environmentally friendly – use ‘em, clean em’ and use them again and again!  One cloth lasts longer than a dozen rolls of paper towels.

Allergen magnets – they attract, collect and grab dust, soot, ash and grit.

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